Music Adds Finishing Touch to Any Home

Music Adds Finishing Touch to Any Home

By Carleton Varney- Special to the Palm Beach Daily News

I could very well say I grew up in the Paramount movie house in Lynn, Mass. My sister and I never missed a Saturday, when the double feature kept us entertained and informed, thanks the “News of the World” and other newsreels.

These days, when most of the grand movie palaces have been torn down or replaced with multiplex cinemas, I am not as much of a moviegoer as I once was. But when my friends tell me about a super movie, off I go.

So I recently found myself at the cinema in CityPlace, where, I found a comfy seat to watch the feature. After a battery of previews — generally of films in which animals and dragons and space aliens seem to prevail — finally came the feature. And it was magical — the remake of “A Star is Born” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who also directed the film.

The colors and the scenes of Arizona living were inspiring, to say nothing about the acting and musical performance by Lady Gaga. The film tells the familiar story of the rise of one star and the decline of another.

It is a sad tale, but the music alone is worth the price of admission. I love filling my home with wonderful music, and the film’s soundtrack certainly fits that description. I hope you frequently have music playing in your home, as well. It makes any interior a little more vibrant.

When you watch the film, pay a little bit of attention to the Arizona style of interior design. It’s a look I like: Navajo rugs, natural leather-covered sofas, glass accessories and contemporary furnishings. The settings in the film are a perfect fit for the locale.

Seeing the movie also sparked a memory from my early career. As a young decorator in the 1960s, I happened to work with Judy Garland — who had earned an Academy Award nomination for the 1952 version of “A Star is Born” — on the decoration of a midtown apartment in Manhattan with a small terrace. Heeding the star’s color preferences, we used a combination of soft yellow, lime, gray, white and coral.

Judy was truly one of a kind, and her recordings often fill my home, for her voice will never be forgotten. And I have no doubt she would give kudos to Lady Gaga for her performance.

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  • Susan on

    Totally loved A Star is Born , Lady Gaga did a superb acting job.
    I miss you CV

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