Lawn Ranger Rides to the Rescue in the Garden

Lawn Ranger Rides to the Rescue in the Garden

By Carleton Varney- Special to the Palm Beach Daily News

Caring for a garden is almost the same as caring for a beautiful home. I believe the garden is an extension of the house, so the effort you might put into planting a garden is equal to the effort you might take when decorating a home. In the same way, I like combining colors as much in a garden as I do in a room.

And nowhere is that truer than in Palm Beach, where blooming plants are a joy year-round.

In the years that I have had a home on the island, I have gotten to know the Lawn Ranger, a gentleman named Jerry Barber. One can’t miss his big truck with words “The Lawn Ranger” splashed across the side.

Jerry is one of the most reliable gardeners I know, and it is he who I call each season when I want my impatiens planted. I’ve chosen them in a rich cerise color this season. I’ve also replaced plants that suffered when the outer bands of Hurricane Irma struck the island in September.

Jerry has so much knowledge about the tropical plants that thrive here. He has taught me which perennials will handle the weather in Palm Beach, and he is a wealth of information about growing palm trees and their idiosyncrasies. And he understands how important color can be to an outdoor room. Whether it’s a question about planting a garden or maintaining a landscape, he is ready with an answer.

The Lawn Ranger’s wife, Beth, also is a horticulturalist, and her Palm Beach business is, appropriately named Tonto’s Orchid Shop, 340 Royal Poinciana Way. Where would the Lawn Ranger ever be without his sidekick?

For sure, Beth knows how to showcase orchids out of doors. One of her recent projects involved creating a tree with 300 orchids plants.

You can reach The Lawn Ranger at 685-9468 and Tonto’s Orchid Shop at 659-1840.

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  • Wendy Skruck on

    Perfect column for me today! I have a Ponytail palm that is not doing well so I’m going to call The Lawn Ranger tomorrow for help!! Love the name!!

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