Visit Lovango for an island idyll

Visit Lovango for an island idyll

So how many islands have you been to? Perhaps you have visited the Hawaiian islands? Or those in the beautiful Baltic? Or destinations in the Mediterranean — Mallorca, perhaps, or Ibiza or Santorini?

Floridians have probably taken a trip to the Caribbean. The Bahamas is just off the coast, and other islands are readily accessible. Have you visited St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, Aruba or Barbados?

The latter are all popular. But you likely have never been to the island of Lovango? It is a new hideaway, some 10 minutes by ferry off the coast of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, near the Caneel Bay area.

Caneel Bay was originally established by the late Laurance Spelman Rockefeller as one of the destinations in the RockResorts chain. But rampages by back-to-back hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 left the famed resort a ruin, perhaps awaiting some entrepreneur to again create an island paradise.

Lovango is a new resort with a beach club and bayside restaurant and café. It is the dream child of Nantucket hotel owners Gwenn and Mark Snider and their design-and-construction company, Stanmar Inc., which is based in Wayland, Massachusetts.

The Sniders own two resorts in Massachusetts — The Nantucket Hotel, with 46 rooms on the south shore, and the Winnetu Oceanside Resort in Martha’s Vineyard. The Sniders’ properties are little gems for those seeking quiet, comfort and a touch of simplicity.

Lovango Resort and Beach Club comprises 42 of the island’s 110 acreage. The resort opened on Christmas Day with The Villa and its three pods, with more cottages and villas in the planning stages.

The resort has two sides. The north side is graced by sandy beaches and the south side looks over the water to St. John.

Will White, an assistant manager of the property, described the resort as a romantic place to winter or honeymoon. The Villa rooms rent for $3,500 a night, breakfast included, during the season.

The resort closes Thursday, when the staff and owners head north. So now is the time to start planning your visit for next season, which begins in November.

When decorating on the islands, laid-back is always the best look. The resort’s décor is perfectly appropriate for the locale, with bright-blue umbrellas — to match the Caribbean Sea — and bamboo details. The pool cabana area has very casual bamboo-fretwork details, which I enjoyed.

The swimming pool, complete with a waterfall, has an infinity design that echoes the sea, as well. The island atmosphere is captured everywhere, with many of the furnishings selected by Gwenn.

For color accents, the resort’s designers chose lime green and bright papaya orange for a taste of Lovango — and the Caribbean — itself.


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