Here’s a peach of a fresh decorating scheme

Here’s a peach of a fresh decorating scheme

The new summer color is peach.

If you happen to be vacationing along the shores of Georgia, you are certain to come across on a roadside stand, farmers market or shop selling fresh peaches, along with peach cider, peach pie and peach jam, which all offer a delicious taste of summer.

Make sure to pick up a treat along the way and take notice of the color peach. It’s the summer color for women of fashion and for cosmetics. A light peach powder for the skin might put you in the mood, perhaps, to change the color scheme of your living room or bedroom to peach. It will be a fun summer color that will carry you through the fall, winter and spring.

Try taking the colors from a Peach Melba right into your home. Paint your living room walls peach in a stripe pattern, with each alternating strip a tad darker shade of peach. All the wood trim, doors and window frames should also be painted whipped-cream white.

On the bleached-wood floor, lay a straw-style raffia rug for a summery look. At the windows, consider installing natural bamboo slat blinds topped with a shaped valance covered in a peach-and-white stripe awning fabric. Trim the valence with white cotton cording, but make sure it’s at least an inch wide.

For furnishings in the Florida style, choose natural bamboo pieces or go for white rattan. Use the same peach-and-white awning stripe for to cover your lounge chairs. And for upholstery on the sofa, choose a big flower pattern that features bright, happy colors — peach, rose, lime greens, delphinium blues — on a white background. Accent the sofa with whipped-cream-white linen cushions trimmed in lime-green cording.

For end tables, you can’t go wrong with a glass or clear-acrylic version on one side of the sofa and, on the other, a round table covered in a lime table skirt. The skirt should be lined to give it a little heft.

Select shapely ceramic lamps with peach bases for the tables and top them with white accordion-pleated shades. For your coffee table, choose white garden stools that can be easily moved about the room.

Now, what is the finishing touch to truly transform the space into your new Peach Melba room? Top it all off with some raspberry cushions on the sofa as well as a pull-up chair covered in a raspberry raw silk!

Isn’t decorating deliciously fun?

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  • Trisha Clark on

    This read was so delightful- better than a trip to the candy shop:) I am always amazed at Carleton’s visions which has to be a God-given gift to be able to decorate so originally & colorfully! I loved going to the Greenbriar and studying every detail from floor to ceiling because it is unique and mind blowing! All the colors magically come together and sing in perfect harmony! Thank you Carleton for writing these articles because in my opinion it’s much better than anything I see on Instagram or in a style magazine! Happy Summer!

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