Trim your tree with touches of past, present

Carleton Varney
09 Dec , 2016

By Carleton Varney

Special to the Daily News

At Christmastime, I think it’s fun to decorate the tree with memories.

I’m speaking, of course, about the charm of hanging ornaments collected over many years. Whether the decorations are 100 years old or purchased last year, they all have a place in the heart. Each year, I design a new ornament to bring the “now” onto the tree, and I’m always pleased to add it to the mix of Christmases past.

Have you been shopping for ornaments and decorations to add to your collection? Here are a few of my notes about decorating trends for the holidays:

* This year, many ornaments have an Asian-inspired feeling. Ginger-jar ornaments are favorites of mine for the 2016 tree, and there are lovely versions with blue graphic designs on a silver background. Like lovely full-size Chinese ginger jars, the ornaments feel timeless and up-to-date.

* Today’s trees have gone the way of the fashionista, and a lavender-and-purple-ornamented tree certainly is no longer unusual. But quite frankly, I am not a fashionista tree decorator, as I prefer to mix strings of popcorn with all my family ornaments of yore.

* I really like one decorating trend that has gained strength over several seasons. Floral-stick decorations with faux flowers — poinsettias, for example, but also magnolia blossoms and gardenias — are simply placed into the empty spaces on the tree. These are attractive and surely a plus for any tree decorator looking for an easy and striking visual effect.

* In the same way, garland with velvet poinsettia blossoms are a favorite this year for the fireplace or dining table. You might recall that I like real candles, but battery-operated faux ones are perfect for a dining table where small children will be seated.

This year, by the way, will be a special Christmas for me as my very first grandchild is to be with us, a Christmas angel for sure. Talk about making new memories!

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  • Posted On December 29, 2017 by Bernadette Norwood

    Congratulations !

  • Posted On December 11, 2016 by Evelyn Keyes

    Dear Carleton,
    It has been so delightful to read your decorating ideas that actually tell a story.
    My favorite thing to do at Christmas is to unwrap all the family ornaments and help my mother decorate her tree. We have collected some of yours over the years and just love them!
    Christmas decorations are purely memories for me!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    All the best for a joyous & peaceful year!


  • Posted On December 09, 2016 by Cornelia Jones

    Love your red and green in Vermont and Ireland….
    .SOOOOOO D D !!!!!

  • Posted On December 09, 2016 by Lynette Merillat

    Yes using ornaments of past years and years especially the pickle ornament that the grandkids look forward to finding on the tree. We have three different size pickle and the smallest gets the largest gift to the finder. Oh what fun your going to have with that precious grandchild. Congratulations and Blessings of love this Christmas and all year. Lynette and Richard PS Miss seeing you Carleton

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