Coloring Books, Dollhouses Nurture Creativity

Coloring Books, Dollhouses Nurture Creativity

By Carleton Varney- Special to the Palm Beach Daily News

Lately, believe it or not, I have been busy creating coloring books.

In fact, I have just completed a new one called ''Color the Greenbrier Beautiful.'' It is filled with 27 pages of original illustrations to color. The drawings depict the lobby, ballroom, dining room and guest suites of The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. — a hotel for which I have served as decorator for some 53 years.

Coloring is no longer an activity just for children. It’s become quite a popular activity for adults, too. For many, it’s become a creative way to relieve stress.

That’s why I created my new coloring book with everyone in mind. When I was at The Greenbrier recently, I saw an adult guest coloring away — and she was coloring the rooms differently from how they were decorated by yours truly.


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  • Mia Evans on

    I find it interesting when you can also try to repaint a dollhouse with the help of your mom and dad. That seems fun and educational for my daughter if she would love that idea as well, since she can use the experience when she is older and has her own place. I should get custom-made dollhouses that can be repainted over and over again to try this ourselves, because I think I will enjoy the bonding experience if she asks me to help her out.

  • Linda on

    So true! When my son was young, I took a castoff, plastic dollhouse, stripped off the old decorations, and pasted on new pictures from decorating magazines with poster glue so they could be easily updated. The house went from bland to Wayne Manor from Batman. My son and I enjoyed playing with the now upscale mansion.

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