Beautiful colors don’t go out of season

Beautiful colors don’t go out of season

By Carleton Varney

Special to the Daily News

I recently spent some of my springtime in Ireland at my home on the Shannon River. I enjoyed mild, cool days with sunny skies. The fields were dotted with daffodils, with tulips popping up as the daffodils faded.

And now summer is almost upon us, even if that seems a bit hard to believe. Is it any wonder I’m still thinking about springtime colors, those happy hues that always bring on a smile? And so might you be, if you’re considering a new decorating scheme for your home. Beautiful colors never go out of style — or season!

Here are three room schemes to give you some ideas.


Room 1: Against daffodil-yellow walls, hang curtains of a blue-on-white toile design and trim them in a royal blue. The curtains can frame folding shutters painted a pale delft blue. The wood trim in the room should be white.

Lay a blue-and-white ribbon pattern area rug on a wood or tile floor. Cover your sofa in a rich orange-and-white plaid or check, and accent it with yellow and orange throw cushions.

Lounge chairs can be upholstered in the toile fabric used for the drapery. Then choose ceramic lamps with bright yellow bases for a bit of fun.


Room 2: Try tulip-pink walls, with curtains fashioned from a flowery print featuring pinks, reds, lavenders and lilacs — along with green leaves — on a pink or white background. Paint all the trim white and the ceiling, aqua blue. The window shutters can be painted lawn green.

For your sofa, choose an aquamarine-and-blue tweed-like fabric, and add throw pillows made from the fabric used for the flowery drapery. A rich lawn-green area rug will complement your dark-stained floors.

Cover your lounge chairs in a pink-and-raspberry checkered fabric. Lamp bases on white end tables can be a rich green.


Room 3: This scheme starts with chocolate or earth-brown walls and drapery featuring a pattern of a green leaves scattered against a white background. Underfoot, place a brown rug with a cream border, perhaps one made of cocoa matting or woven sisal.

Paint all the trim white, the ceiling blue and the window shutters a tulip-inspired salmon orange. Upholster the sofa in a big woven-plaid design of brown, white and green. For some sofa pillows, use the salmon color, and for others, the green leaf design of the drapery.

Your lounge chairs can be covered in salmon-hued fabric. Use white lamps on the end tables.


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