Your Family Decorator: Color fall with autumn blankets, Honey Crisp apples, candlesticks, Montauk daisies

Your Family Decorator: Color fall with autumn blankets, Honey Crisp apples, candlesticks, Montauk daisies

Fall is officially here and Halloween is approaching. It is trick-or-treat candy time. Many children can't wait to dip into the candy jar, and have surely eyed out there favorite wish list of candies. Meanwhile, I’m turning my attention to Thanksgiving, a time for joyous family gatherings to welcome in the fall harvest and to turn pumpkins into pies.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I’d go so far as to say it’s my all-time favorite, except that I love the colors and freshness of Easter.

Thanksgiving brings cranberries, pumpkins, raisins and apple cider to mind. And what fun it is to pick honeycrisp apples, if you’re lucky enough to visit an orchard. There is no more delectable a taste than that of a Honeycrisp, a variety you’ll find in stores now. Try one and you’ll see. You can’t doubt my taste buds, no matter what you may think of my taste in decorating.

In any case, where design is concerned, I don’t believe there is good taste or bad taste. I believe that there is only taste — and what appeals to one person will not necessarily appeal to another. When I work with a client on the decoration of his or her home, I always look for the personality of my client when the color selection and design process begins. Taste can be subjective, but the tried-and-true principles of design are not.

At holiday time, I always like to bring the colors of the season into the home. You can, too. Pull out that throw blanket in fall colors of pumpkin, golden yellow and wheat, and hang it over the arm of a sofa. And do polish up the brasses at the fireplace, as well as the brass candlesticks you may have in your collection.

I always place a row of brass candlesticks on my fireplace mantel for Thanksgiving and Christmastime. At Thanksgiving, the colors of the 10-inch tapers are always a mix of pumpkin-orange and wheat, while at Christmas, they’re green and red. And at New Year’s, the candles are an ensemble of silver, gold, and white. Candlesticks and candles always bring that special glow into a room. So be sure to pull out the polish. After all, who wants to look at dull brass? When decorating with flowers for the fall, I enjoy placing chrysanthemums in oh-so-many colors about the house — golden yellow, russet red, white and magenta.

And, of course, there are those famous Montauk daisies, the last flowers to bloom in the garden.

Did you know that perennial Montauk daisies always bloom — and only bloom — in October?

On my New York office terrace last month, I planted my window boxes with mums of all the golden colors, to make the days of fall most colorful and happy.

So do bring the flowers and colors of fall — and of all the oncoming seasons — into your home. It’s one of the ways we can mark the change of season in Palm Beach, where — lucky us! — we enjoy warm weather year-round.


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