Enjoying autumn on a trip to the Hudson Valley

Enjoying autumn on a trip to the Hudson Valley

Fall arrives with Mother Nature’s brilliant falling-leaf colors — or at least it does up north.

I have just returned to Palm Beach and sunshine after a trip to Rhinebeck, New York, for apple picking, pumpkin gathering and corn husking. We enjoyed apple-cider evenings around the fireplace at the Beekman Arms and Delamater Inn, the oldest inn in America, which was founded in 1766.

I recommend a visit to the Hudson Valley at almost every season of the year. At this time of the year, as the yellow, orange and red leaves carpet the grounds of upstate New York — along with the rest of New England — touring by car offers so many visual treats.

Exploring Colonial America always yields surprises, and as I like American-country antiques, there’s always something to see that sparks my interest. And while I don’t usually recommend Shaker-style furnishings for Palm Beach penthouses, one can always find appropriate items to add to your home, wherever it might be.

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  • Victoria on

    Have always enjoyed Carelton’s articles/columns.
    His delightful way of describing his travels in such artful ways, allows me to escape into the area and feel as if I’m there, looking at the vibrant colors and sipping apple cedar.

    I have always always looked forward to reading anything by Carelton, or seeing his artful decor.


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