Decorator Comes East to Open West Palm Boutique

Decorator Comes East to Open West Palm Boutique

By Carleton Varney- Special to the Palm Beach Daily News

For more than five years, Paige Padon directed a decorating showroom in California named Hollywood at Home. The showroom was filled with designer fabrics, wallcoverings, pillows and furniture, and it offered lots of variety to the Hollywood buyers — including Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Barrymore and Josh Brolin.

Paige has left Hollywood and brought her style, charm, her filmmaker husband, Tyler, and their 2-year-old back to her native state for sunshine and Atlantic breezes. Her Old Northwood shop, Row House, is filled with fine art, furnishings, decorative accessories and happiness at 419 Northwood Road in West Palm Beach. I guarantee it is worth a visit.

With natural pine floors and white-painted board walls, the offerings displayed on cabinets and shelves — fabricated by Paige’s husband — attest to the talent of this couple. The stock includes glassware, towels, pillows, bed linens, pottery, vintage items, and small and large furnishings of super value and charm. There also are globally sourced wood vases and baskets.

In choosing a name for her boutique, Paige was especially inspired by row houses in North Carolina, Louisiana and the Caribbean — but almost every town in the world has family houses built side by side, some with porches that are furnished with rocking chairs and decorated with hanging baskets filled with ferns.

Paige loves her design and decorating work. She has been busy decorating houses, too, some in Flamingo Park, employing pottery, crockery and lots of vintage rattan chairs for a rustic mood.

“Mix the old with the new,” says Paige, who graduated from the University of Miami.

One of the most charming features of Row House is the selection of wall art, mostly oils, at prices that seem affordable. On my visit, I spied a large lighthouse painting that I would have purchased in a minute had I any wall space left at home. Drop by the Old Northwood shop and browse — especially if you’re searching for an unusual gift. You’re sure to find an item or two that celebrates the very natural look so popular on today’s decorating scene. You can also visit the shop’s website at or call 833-1888.

Florida natives often return home, and I’m so happy that Paige has selected Northwood over Hollywood.


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