Children Learning at Home Need Rooms That Work

Children Learning at Home Need Rooms That Work

By Carleton Varney- Special to the Palm Beach Daily News

During the coronavirus pandemic, children have been spending more time at home — and many are also attending school from there, thanks to the wonders of virtual technology, the dedication of teachers and the vigilance of parents.

School can be difficult enough, but parents can help make virtual learning easier by providing children charming, happy rooms in which to do their schoolwork.

One of our company’s designers, Julie Lazarus, lives in Cincinnati, and she and husband Steve are raising two children — Sam, a teenager, and Gertrude, who is almost a teen. Just the other day Julie emailed me a snap of her daughter studying in a new family room Julie has just finished decorating. The picture came with this message: “It’s easier studying in a pretty room.”

Indeed, I would agree — and Gertrude reports it is truly the case.

Parents these days might want to consider freshening up a child’s room, keeping the desk and computer in mind. You might brighten up the room with happy sunshine-yellow wall paint and with a properly sized desk, maybe a simple one of white lacquer or perhaps a captain-style desk with a leather top.

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  • Louise Sperling Ragone on

    Well written column that focuses on a very important part of education. Glad to read that someone ( you) has recognized the importance of a good learning setting for our children and grand children. Children should also be given an opportunity to help create their own learning spaces. Favorite colors, artwork, and fun objects can help a lot. keep up the good writing !!

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